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its not because of the sky.

Gah, how cute are they? Like extremely cute to the maxxxz! Dongho bby ♥

Leave a comment & tell me who is your favourite in u-kiss
→ Then, lets compare who's the greatest. (Nah, just kidding xD)
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001.its freaky but awesome

• Gah, yes! Finally found a website that supply stock photos. A yay for me! x) Since I am so addicted to making icons, finally I found a resource. So next up, making Gossip Girls & Ugly Betty Icons!

Website : Here

Its freaky that the choreography matched perfectly with the song, Binguel. In case you dont know, its by U-KISS. " HOLY SHIT. If I was new to kpop and didnt know about stuffs then I would've thought that the song BELONGED to the MV. For serious, holy .............. o_____o
" Just love that comment by lunar_scourge . Totally agree with her. Anw/ most songs ever period use formulas/templates. 

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(this holy shit community rocks out of ur socks o___o)
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Hello, we're 2PM
Over the past year, because of fans, we and JYPE have improved tremendously.
Thank you very much
We sincerely thank you all very much
We've been loved by so many people for over the past year, because of you all.
Because of your helps, we couldn't come this far by ourselves.
With your support, in this year of 2010 we will work hardest to let you all see how cool 2pm is.
For you all, Happy New Year
We're 2PM, Thank you.

Haiz, everyone got a haircut but it looks like chansunf bb didn't. He looks like an unknown ahjumma in some recent photos -_- Lol, spot any difference? Taec - fashion terrorist. Everyone's wearing suits except for him. Oh how cu-te.